Bachelor in Pharmacy


Апісанне праграмы

Bachelor in Pharmacy


Admission requirements: Admission test + PAU

Duration and teaching load: 5 years (10 semesters) 300 credits

Practical work:More than 1,000 laboratory hours and simulation

External Practices: 9 (6 + 3) months: 6 compulsory internships in the Pharmacy and/or Hospital Pharmacy and 3 months in the Pharmaceutical, Food or Related Industries.

Final degree work: 6 credits

IQS and Blanquerna-URL, two of the founding institutions of Universitat Ramon Llull, teach the Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy, a five-year degree that, until now, could only be taken in one Catalan university. It's the first time that two institutions of Universitat Ramon Llull jointly teach an Undergraduate Program. The objective is to bring together the experience of IQS in the area of sciences and that of the Blanquerna-URL Faculty of Health Sciences in the training of health care professionals to provide an Undergraduate Program with a clear humanistic and scientific orientation.

We add experience, innovation capacity and academic and business recognition

IQS and Blanquerna, two of the founding institutions of the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona, teach the Degree in Pharmacy (with Master's recognition ). IQS, at the forefront in the field of chemistry and biotechnology, and Blanquerna, with a consolidated training in the field of health, add their experience, their capacity for innovation and an extensive network of companies and institutions in the field of health chemistry and health.

The added value

Some of the peculiarities of the Degree in Pharmacy IQS-Blanquerna:

  • Personalized training and training spaces with small groups of students (seminars).
  • It is the only university in Catalonia that offers 4 mentions or specialties: Food and Nutrition; Healthcare Pharmacy; Design and Production of Drugs; and Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management.
  • A part of the subjects of the curriculum is taught in English.
  • The students, in addition to the practices in pharmacies, carry out supervised practices in the pharmaceutical industry.
This school offers programs in:
  • іспанскі

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Start Date
Дата пачатку
Sept. 2019
5 Гадоў
Дзённае навучанне
10,800 EUR
Іспанія - Barcelona, Catalonia
Дата пачатку : Sept. 2019
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Дата заканчэння Запытаць інфармацыю
Sept. 2019
Іспанія - Barcelona, Catalonia
Заканчэнне прыёму заявак Запытаць інфармацыю
Дата заканчэння Запытаць інфармацыю